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Living in the Northern US, subjects your lawn to extremes of hot and cold weather. This brochure is a handy guide on how to select the varieties of grass best suited for your lawn. You'll find out which varieties are best for shade, which will take the most abuse, and which stand those hot summer days best.

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Do you feel that your lawn is not all it could be? Here is a guide to renewing your old lawn, or establishing a beautiful new lawn. This brochure details all the steps and procedures involved in the successful establishment of a lawn, including the types of grass that are best for your needs.

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Fertilizer can do your lawn more harm than good if it's the wrong one, or applied in the wrong way. Find out what you need to know about sources and characteristics, application ratios, and what your grass needs. Also covered are mowing tips and how your grass clippings can be used both as an environmental benefit and as a fertilizer.

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Valuable tips on lawn care basics that can make your lawn the envy of your neighbors. Find out about proper mowing programs, fertilizer programs, and watering programs. Learn how "Don't Bag It" can help your lawn and the environment, and how to keep a yearly lawn care calendar.

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Often, the trouble with a poor lawn is too little water - or too much water. Proper watering practices can save your lawn and save your money. Here's the right way to water your lawn - how different grasses have different requirements, what time of day is best, what equipment is right for you, and how to save on your water bill.

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